“I initially starting seeing Claudine because I was suffering with Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue. She was incredibly helpful and organized with her approach. With her guidance I was able to make minor changes to my diet that gave me major results. By making a few simple adjustments my symptoms disappeared, my thyroid levels have greatly improved and I even lost 10 pounds! Claudine has forever changed my relationship with food. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to take control of their diet and health.” – Jill Marie, Minneapolis

“I purchased an introductory wellness package with Claudine at a silent auction fundraiser for Pathways. Am I glad I did! She is warm and personable and she has given me some helpful suggestions about possible changes in my diet as well as made insightful observations how my relationship with what I eat may reflect how I relate to the world at large.” – Timothy Cope, Minneapolis


“I came to Claudine sick of being sick! As a 45-year-old woman recently diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease (and my doctors telling me food wasn’t the issue), Claudine set me on a path to finally healing. I can’t imagine where I would be at if I hadn’t found Claudine and started following her recommendations. Claudine is the perfect [health] coach with sparkling positivity and knowledge that make you feel valued and cared for. I have come to heal more quickly through diet and reading my body’s signals – all thanks to her! – Client from Northfield, MN ___________________________________________________________________

“Claudine is the consummate professional, compassionate and knowledgeable. I reviewed my progress with my medical doctor today and he was blown away by her materials (I think he was envious!) I wish I could be more articulate but let’s just say she is more than worthwhile and I highly recommend her services to anyone!” – Deb Callahan, St. Paul

“Working with Claudine is exactly what I needed. So often the prospect of losing weight and eating better starts with me feeling shame for all the things I do wrong. After one visit with Claudine I feel excited and I have a few steps that I started right away. And no shame! How amazing to have someone listen and focus on my specific needs instead of trying to fit myself into a generic program.” – Ann Agrimson, Minneapolis

“Claudine has helped me change my life for the better by improving my relationship to food and my overall holistic health. At 26 years old, emotional overeating and lack of balanced nutrition was hurting me physically and mentally. I partnered with Claudine for an intensive 4 month program and learned about the interconnectedness of food with life experiences and memories, the differences in quality of foods understanding GMOs vs. organic and locally grown options, the optimal balance of food groups and supplements appropriate for my body, the benefits of medicinal teas and natural remedies for minor ailments, and so much more. Claudine has a wealth of information to share providing me with invaluable referrals for integrative MD’s, Naturopaths, Co-ops, and social opportunities with healthy, like-minded Twin Cities’ neighbors. Beyond all of the scientific knowledge and vast community connections she has, I have been most struck by her compassionate, nurturing, gentle yet effective way of supporting me through an initially terrifying lifestyle overhaul. Claudine cares as much about my health and wellbeing as I do (perhaps even more so on the days where I struggle to take care of myself) which makes a huge difference in my perseverance and sustainability to continue making healthy choices. For the first time in my life I feel confident with how, what, and when to eat to maintain my body’s best, most natural rhythm. (I also rest assured knowing whenever I come up with questions she is just an email away.) I am very grateful for Claudine’s patient guidance and would recommend her to anyone and everyone serious (and petrified) about improving their relationship to food and holistic health for good.” – Judi Ross, Eagan

“I am not significantly overweight but have always been on a diet. In the last 20 years, I have struggled more with slowly gaining weight even though I was running 3-4 times a week and experimenting with multiple diets. For the last couple of years, I have eaten extremely carefully yet I still could never lose any weight. Like so many women, especially in their 40’s or 50’s, I assumed there wasn’t much more I could do. My doctor even commented that so many women, no matter how thin they used to be, experience inevitable weight gain in the tummy area once they hit their 40’s.

Last year I was referred to Claudine by Catherine Carpenter, who also works at the Aslan Institute. I worked with Claudine in her 4-month program. From day one, it was clear she cares about the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of people. Claudine has an amazing way of connecting with a person. She also has incredible knowledge of the human body and medical field and it is evident she is constantly studying and learning more. As a result, it did not take long to have full confidence in her and be willing to try different things she suggested.

Early on, she identified possible causes of my bloating and explained in understandable terms how the multiple systems in the body were interacting with the food I was eating to cause my uncomfortable bloating. She introduced changes and strategies to address the issue. Meanwhile, with her constant guidance and oversight, I made subtle but deliberate changes in when and what I ate. But she also taught me how to be self aware of how foods impact my digestive and overall wellness. She provided a thick binder of information that I will be forever referring to.

As the weeks went by, I started to feel very different. When I would start to focus too much on the “pounds” and worried I would not lose weight, she helped me let that worry go and trust the process. As a result, I focused on how I felt and on the value of eating healthy food for MY body. And letting my body help me understand what it needs. She has an endless list of recipes, and one of our meetings was even at a grocery store, which I really needed, as I have never really understood what so many of the foods in the produce section were. I was very limited in what I ate. Not any more.

Now six or more months later, I still have not weighed myself. I don’t need to. I have lost inches and pounds, and more importantly, I feel and look fit. I have also noticed significant changes in my emotional and mental energy. I have a sense of well being and confidence and know that I am now armed with plenty of tools to take care of myself. I am forever grateful for what she has done for me. I realize, too, that many of us have financial constraints, and so investing money in ourselves is not easy, yet it is amazing to me how little I paid for what I have learned and changed in my life.” – Laurie Wien, Edina

“I was expecting to gain knowledge from Claudine about healthy eating and food in general – which I did learn almost immediately! But added to that was her acute knowledge of biology and how the body works specifically with respect to the foods and chemicals we put into our bodies, including how different foods can affect how we feel.

Claudine is an awesome coach and makes the learning process fun! It’s so much easier to make life changes when being coached by a fun teacher.” – Craig Burgett, Eagan

“Having been unsuccessful at finding the “perfect” diet after being a yo-yo dieter for decades (which included multiple crash lifestyle changes), I had a light bulb moment and decided I needed a nutrition coach. After some internet searching, into my life walks Claudine!! Hello Claudine with the beautiful, positive attitude and an enormous wealth of knowledge that she so freely shares in a gentle caring way! I signed up for the four-month program that allowed me enough time to implement the changes that I craved. I learned that I didn’t have to be “all-or-nothing” and to be happy with my baby steps toward a harmonious way of living. I love the support she provides out of our sessions too – you should see the email folder I have with all our lengthy email conversations. Priceless!! Claudine has helped me feel empowered and able to continue to make the choices and changes in my diet and lifestyle to manifest the level of health I desire. I recommend Claudine to all my friends and to you – she is life changing!! If I had the choice to go back in time and change anything, I wouldn’t. I am so very thankful that I chose to work with a nutrition coach and that I chose Claudine – she is the breath of life you need!” ~ With peace & love Lola M.

If you have lost hundreds of pounds in your life and yet those pounds have once again found you, and you are wondering where to turn, I highly recommend Wellness with Claudine. This is one of the best steps I have ever taken for my own health and wellbeing. Claudine is very knowledgeable, supportive and understanding, yet can truly hold one’s feet to the proverbial fire. As a person with type 2 diabetes, she has coached me in making life-changing decisions for the better regarding food choices and exercise. My blood glucose levels went from 150 to 131 in the four months we worked together. She has equipped me with ways to persist with the life-style changes, especially when I make imprudent choices and have a momentary slip in my food choices. In the past this would put me on a downhill slope that I could not stop. Now I simply hear Claudine’s voice saying, “Aim for meeting your goals 80% of the time.” I can count my “falling back” as part of that 20% margine and continue on with life on the path of health and wholeness.

Lonne Murphy
Healing by Heart

“As a healthcare professional, I know how difficult it is to eat healthy. As I have gotten older, exercise alone, nor “counting calories”, was enough to keep me in the shape I wanted to be in. I found the grocery store to be very challenging, in which food labels were marketed in a way that limited my ability to make healthy choices. Claudine has been instrumental in teaching me to want to make good healthy food selections. A concept of “upgrading my food choices” will forever be remembered.  Prior to having Claudine as my health coach, I was tired, experiencing only  periods of “feeling normal”.   After taking Claudine’s course I am much more aware of the nutritional food choices I make. Simply put, I look at food very differently and have found this to be healthier as well.  My energy levels have significantly improved. I now feel energized and consistently more alert.  I am no longer worried about my weight, as I know that I can eat well and feel satisfied. The feeling of being hungry all the time is gone. What I cherish the most though is Claudine’s teachings which have stayed with me empowering me to make the best food choices going forward.  Claudine is an excellent health coach, her knowledge is all encompassing and I would recommend her without reservation.”– Chris D.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve had doctors ask me about my thyroid. I never knew why they were asking me or how I was supposed to know if my thyroid was working well. In my late 30’s a holistic doctor routinely tested my thyroid levels and was the first to note that they were a little “off.” Subsequent thyroid tests showed a non-functioning thyroid. At first it was assumed the lab made a mistake because my numbers were “off the charts,” but a second test confirmed the same numbers. My doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong and sent me for an ultrasound.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. The endocrinologist stated this was an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid. Still, my doctor and I focused on “thyroid” rather than “autoimmune.” I began taking Armour, and my thyroid levels remained within range.

In 2014 (47 years old) my annual blood tests showed my thyroid levels were, once again, “off the charts.” This was when I was told my thyroid function was non-existent and that my thyroid was “dead” (according to the ultra sound technician). I prefer “natural” approaches, so I began researching options available to me if I stopped my medication and what I could do if my thyroid was really dead.

I met Claudine and my life changed forever.

When I read the statement “having one autoimmune disease increases your chances of having another one by 50%,” I got scared. My Hashimoto’s was always in the background rather than the forefront of my concerns and efforts. The thought of getting another autoimmune disease was horrible.

I contacted Claudine, and now I call her “my lifesaver.” The program was outstanding. The coaching, knowledge, understanding, compassion, explanations, teaching, and guidance were priceless. In fact, I am unable to put a price on what Claudine has done for me. I know a large part was on me to try, experiment, look within, be completely honest with what I ate, what the reactions were, and to listen to my body. The program is completely interactive, and you must do the work. But if you do the work, the program will work. Claudine provided relevant handouts that were topical, quick and easy reads, and helped guide me to health.

I did not realize how bad I really felt until I started feeling better! During my final conversation with Claudine, I said, “I feel like I’m 30 again!” I’m able to do what I want to do, when I want. I no longer take 4-hour naps on the weekends. I now wake up, have excellent levels of energy all day until I go to sleep at night. All for an investment that’s equivalent to one college course!

As I was concluding the program, I thought to myself, “how can I help others?” I hope by writing this that one person will benefit from my experience. – Michele Markowski

“Claudine is a uniquely gifted nutrition coach. I have never worked with anyone who combines such mastery of her field. She has both a heartfelt passion for her work and a special talent for connecting it to my knowledge level and lifestyle. In short, she meets me where I’m at with compassion, expert guidance, and humor. Claudine is the real deal. She will teach you, comfort you, and inspire you. Do not miss an opportunity to work with her.” – Martin Lahn

“When I came to Claudine, I’d been suffering from Severe Chronic Ulcerative Colitis for 4 years.  I’d dropped from a strong & healthy size 6 to a faint-hearted size 0.  Despite 32 pills per day, I’d lost so much blood that I needed an emergency blood transfusion to avoid cardiac arrest.   I’d become steroid dependent and my doctors were recommending surgery to remove my colon.  Doctors cautioned that even if they removed my colon, they could not guarantee that the disease wouldn’t spread further up my digestive tract.  I’d not only lost faith in the medical establishment, I’d lost faith in my body’s ability to heal itself.  But I knew I didn’t want surgery, so instead I contacted Claudine.

Back then, I didn’t know how to take care of myself.  I now realize that getting sick—and meeting Claudine—saved my life.  Despite a life-long interest in organic food and healthy lifestyles, in practice, I abused my body and spirit daily.  My “Type A” reaction to disease was, well, I’d better get a second job to pay for the medical bills!  Without Claudine’s guidance I have no doubt that I would have continued this trend, ultimately succumbing to heart disease or some other stress-induced illness.

My experience with ulcerative colitis taught me that I have no choice but to tend to my body’s requirements.  And, Claudine showed me how.  Claudine is warm, non-judgmental, extraordinarily knowledgeable, insightful, down-to-earth and REAL!   Together, we experimented with diet/nutrition, herbal remedies, relaxation techniques and journaling to address each of my symptoms.  I’ve come away from my work with Claudine with a toolkit of small practices that together result not just in relief from ulcerative colitis, but in a more joyous life.

I chose the 6 month program because I knew it would take at least that long to undo all of the bad habits I’d accumulated over a lifetime.  I can happily say that I have been completely symptom free for one year now!  This is utterly remarkable.  Claudine helped me achieve a level of health that neither I nor my doctors had ever thought possible.  I am truly grateful to her, and, I want you to know that no matter what led you to Claudine, be it desperation (like me) or curiosity, working with her will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself.”  – Allie M.

“Claudine Arndt has been one of the most inspirational people I’ve met in my life. Every time we would meet, it felt like I was getting together with an old friend to chat. If you have any anxiety about working with someone so closely, do not hesitate to work with Claudine. She is truly one of the warmest, most compassionate people I have met professionally.

Claudine helped support me as I weaned myself off some medications I did not need to be on and which were causing many unwanted side effects. After that process, we tackled the ever-present weight loss issue and why I had been unable to lose weight even after a year of healthy eating and maintaining a vigorous workout regime. I also discovered natural ways of eliminating anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, and caffeine dependence. I also realized that I desperately needed to carve out more time for my family and for the simple process of making dinner in the evenings. I found the answers to all my questions and ultimately became more rejuvenated with a wealth of information that I will have the rest of my life.

Ten months later, I am 16 pounds lighter and feel a centered calmness. Everything in Claudine’s program was tailored to my needs, and I loved the individual attention she brought to the table.”            – Kathy O., Andover, MN

“One afternoon I decided that I was going to be done struggling in my life. I began looking for help and reached out to Claudine. From her very first email, I could feel her enthusiasm and optimism, and so we started working together. When I get frustrated in my life, my pattern is to look for an “out” so I don’t have to get “better” because, after all, it’s work to get “better!” From our first appointment, Claudine held me accountable and helped me move forward. The awesome thing is that she meets you where you are at. Her love for making each day bright makes changing your patterns easier and attainable.

With her help, I made goals that made sense for me for our 4-month program together. She taught me breathing exercises, the art of practicing gratitude, how to pat myself on the back for a job well done, how food impacts my mental and emotional mood, how important adequate sleep is, to take time for myself and not feel guilty, and how to set boundaries in my relationships. A quote I learned in the 4-month program that I continue to use is, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!” I recommend Claudine! Your life will not be the same! I look forward to working with Claudine once per month on a maintenance plan. – Michele Nicholson

“I was two years out from a cancer diagnosis when I met Claudine. I was living cancer-free, but I was also running on empty from cancer treatment and raising young kids. I knew a lot about good nutrition but wasn’t very good at implementing it at mealtimes. I also had a life-long sugar addiction. Needless to say, I wasn’t doing very much to help myself.

My first meeting with Claudine was a breath of fresh air. She was knowledgable, informative, and full of joy. Together all of these things made for a great coach but also a wonderful partner in forming a new approach to better nutrition and ultimately a healthier, better life.

Each week I learned something new and put it into practice, returning the following week to learn more….some weeks I was very successful in my practice and some weeks I was lousy!  But she never passed judgment or rolled her eyes….just tried to figure out how we could make it work the next week. She addressed all my food issues and helped me with organizational issues around my kids, school activities, exercise needs, and some personal things I wanted to do for myself.

Claudine is a coach, but also a bit of a cheerleader in her constant support to move me forward in my quest for a healthier lifestyle. This new way of living now provides me the energy to care for my family, myself, and maybe even have enough energy left over to pursue a dream or two.” – Snow Ledbetter Moen

“I am an acupuncturist and work daily with patients with different health conditions, many with digestive issues and questions about what they should and shouldn’t eat. I am delighted to have Claudine as a resource because she is both very smart and inquisitive but also very compassionate and dedicated to helping her clients achieve their health goals. I feel confident that Claudine takes the whole person into account when she helps them make dietary and lifestyle changes to nourish their whole being. It can be tough to make dietary changes, and I feel that Claudine is a great asset for helping turn around their health issues. As we say in Chinese Medicine, proper food and lifestyle are the best medicine, and I feel Claudine is a great resource for people wanting to find a better balance with both.” – Mike Turner, Licensed Acupuncturist

“I have been Claudine’s client for over 4 years, since studying at IIN (the Institute for Integrative Nutrition) when she was my health coach there. I can’t imagine a better coach. Claudine not only has the compassionate nature to put you at ease, but she provides amazing insights, information, and suggestions. She is also one of the most non-judgmental people I know. Claudine embodies not just the attribute of a good coach (someone who can listen well, direct the conversation to a goal, and provide valuable steps for transformation), but she also has counseling skills (the ability to see deeper into a person, provide meaningful insight, and a good heart).

I’ve been working with Claudine as a health and business coach, but also as a counselor. She has helped me with sleep, diet, relationships, exercise, business planning, and more. She knows her stuff, especially when it comes to healing and food, and I say this as someone who also works in the same field. Claudine, is in fact my go-to for pretty much all my areas of need! She goes the extra mile for her clients, giving them focused time, supplemental email support, and great resources. My only complaint is that I don’t get to see Claudine in person! She’s fun, easy and a joy to work with, professional, and someone I greatly respect and am honored to know. I can’t recommend Claudine enough as a health coach. – Gretchen Brooks Nassar, Health and Nutrition Coach & Author

“Thank you for bringing happiness back to food and nutrition for me.” – Colleayn Klaibourne

“Claudine is amazing!  With her help, I was able to “let go” of a lifelong “sugar habit.”  Many times in the past I had tried on my own with good intentions but little success.  I was very motivated but needed Claudine’s positive, skillful and gentle approach to guide me through the process.  I now enjoy much better sleep, less anxiety, and improved mood (not to mention all of the delicious food!)  I am very grateful to be Claudine’s client and look forward to working with her to achieve goals in other areas of my life.”  – Ross Grotbeck

“I really enjoyed meeting with Claudine.  She takes great pride in her work and does it so well.  She is a good listener, a very thoughtful person and was always well prepared for our coaching sessions.  Claudine introduced me to new foods, new preparation techniques, new authors and a wonderful list of books to read.  Exercise was one of my goals, and she continued to gently remind me of it while I could easily have let that goal slide.  Claudine has a sound grasp of the nutrition/health relationship and enjoys sharing her wealth of knowledge with others.”  – Julie

“Before I started my customized coaching program, I was feeling  stressed, depressed, and physically sick. Then I learned that there are satisfying alternative foods that I can substitute for those that were making me sick, that I can restructure my business to reduce stress, and be open about my feelings and let people closest to me know what needs to change.

Now I feel happier, in more control of my business, and in more control of my illness, and the benefits I’ve experienced include increased energy and optimism.” – Pam Roderick

“Claudine is a fabulous person to work with! She’s well-educated and able to help people based on their individual needs, goals, and health concerns. A warm and inviting individual, I do not hesitate to recommend her to my clients. Claudine keeps everything fresh and exciting – literally! Thank you!” – Amanda Madsen

“I learned so much from Claudine.  I’m eating more whole grains along with seasonal fruits and vegetables. I’m feeling better and have more energy than I can remember having for a long time!  What I like about Claudine is that she meets you where you are at, doesn’t push, makes suggestions, and will research answers thoroughly when she doesn’t immediately have them.  Working with Claudine has been a very positive experience.” – Erin

“Being in my mid-fifties made me aware that my body was no longer that of a 30-year-old.  I realized that I wanted to be laying a foundation of healthy habits for the ensuing years.  However, working part-time in a bookstore, I was also aware of the vast array of material available on diets, nutrition, and health, often with conflicting viewpoints.  I felt confused about what to do and decided to get some guidance from Claudine.

I enjoy a wide variety of foods and thought I had a pretty good concept of healthy eating before, but I certainly learned there was an array of food I knew little about.  I wasn’t familiar with Burdock (delicious), sea vegetables (which I now use), or green leafy vegetables.  With Claudine’s leadership, I sampled these different foods and seasonings and found that I enjoyed the adventure and the taste experiences.  And, not being a great meat-eater, I especially enjoyed experimenting with lentils and beans and learning about other forms of protein.  I now regularly incorporate these into my diet.  Other habits have shifted too, such as eating earlier in the day, shopping at farmers’ markets (which is truly fun), not eating processed foods, and focusing on quality.

Claudine made our biweekly sessions so enjoyable that I always anticipated them, and I miss them now that they are over.  I especially like the fact that these sessions were tailored specificially for me, as one size does not fit all when diet and lifestyle are concerned.  I wanted to absorb as much as possible and was excited about sharing my own discoveries.  There were often subjects I wanted to concentrate on, or Claudine opened up avenues I had never considered.  My awareness of what I consume has greatly expanded, and I am far more discerning about what I eat.  I also continue the adventure of appreciating my body.  Gaining this knowlede is one of the best, and most enjoyable, things I have done for myself in a long time.” – Donna Bolte

“Claudine, I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in just our first few sessions!  I’ve incorporated more greens and whole grains in my diet and am feeling more energy.  The sample grains and recipes really make it easy to get started. I also appreciate your research on thyroid support and other suggested readings.  It really helps to have someone partnering with me while I make changes in the interest of increased health and enjoyment of life.  I love that our sessions together are without judgment.  You always meet me exactly where I’m at in my process”  – Catherine Carpenter

“Claudine is a fantastic health coach. She customized every session especially for me and even prepared some foods ahead of time to show me healthy alternatives to some of my favorite snacks! She is very knowledgable–able to answer every question I had (and I had a lot!). She remembered questions I had and brought that information to me the next time we met. She is very centered. Throughout every session, she was very calm and comforting, never saying anything negative to me but always there to encourage my growth. She sees health as a multifacted approach and helped me to delve into many different parts of my life to find a balanced approach to living. I am honored to have worked with her and would highly recommend her to anyone else who is looking for a lifetime of health.”  – Lori Thomas-Williams

“I have recommended Claudine to so many of my friends! It’s hard to describe the wonderful experience of working with her. Her holistic approach is excellent and she always seemed to know just what I needed and when. But, she also easily adapted to whatever new needs came up in a particular session. For me, it was life-changing, and I am truly grateful.

Claudine’s extensive knowledge and insights are incredible, and she shares her information in a truly gifted way. I looked forward to each of my meetings with her, as I knew that by the end of each session I would: feel validated for where I was in the process, I would continue to learn something new and would often be pleasantly surprised with a “gift” of special meaning.

Whatever your situation, whatever your personal holistic health goals may be, and wherever you are in the process, Claudine is a warm, caring, and valuable health coach.” – Kris Lang-Shasky

Distance Clients

Wellness with Claudine is based in the Twin Cities Metro Area, but you do not need to live in Minnesota to work with me; I work with clients all over the nation via phone, Skype, FaceTime, and email. I’ve worked with clients from New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, California, New York, Massachusetts, Washington, Wisconsin, Texas, Illinois, Missouri, and all over Minnesota. I am accustomed to working with clients long-distance and find that technology today makes it easy to work with clients anywhere.